After you leave the store, your service from Lifesmart is just beginning. Whether it’s in- or out-of-warranty service, a repair issue or any other product related question you have, our friendly technicians are here to assist you.  Proof-of-purchase is required for in-warranty repairs.

Even if your unit is beyond its warranty term, we can still assist with troubleshooting and parts for purchase, unless your specific heater model has been discontinued.

If all agents are busy, you may be given the option to leave a message. Please leave a message (or submit the form below) and an agent will return your call as soon as possible.

Tech Support is defined as the information you need to properly operate and utilize our products. This service is freely available throughout the life of the product.

Warranty Service is defined as any necessary replacement parts needed to make our product work during the warranty period. Replacement parts under warranty service are free of charge. Warranty service also includes tech support.

Warranty Period is defined as the time period from when you purchase your unit until the prescribed warranty term expires. If your product comes with a one year warranty, the warranty period is 365 days from the date of purchase.

Out-of-Warranty Service is defined as the time beyond your item’s warranty period, with the continued opportunity to buy needed parts. Out-of-warranty service includes free tech support.

Return Time Frame is defined as the time period from the day you purchased your product until the individual merchant is still willing to accept returns or exchanges. Usually 30 or 60 days.

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