lifesmart how infrared heaters work

how does infrared work

Similar to how the Sun heats the Earth, infrared heaters heat up the room. Infrared light is emitted from the heater and is directly absorbed by people and objects in the room, allowing people to be comfortable in lower temperatures.

what is zone heating?

Don’t heat your entire home when you only use part of it. Portable infrared heating allows you to establish zone-heating in your home by efficiently heating on those rooms you want to, when you want to. Utilize multiple units where and when you choose in those rooms you use most often. heating only the rooms you use, when you use them, can help reducing your overall energy consumption.

wrapped quartz infrared heating elements

The precision wrapped heating elements provide virtually instant heat. Wrapped elements not only heat up faster, they create a more intense heat that lasts longer. The metal wrapping around the quartz tube acts as multiple additional heat exchangers to achieve this effect. Plus, the balance stream-of-air output means more even heat throughout the room.

how does smart boost work

Smart boost technology is an innovative heating system that reaches the maximum heat level up to 50% faster and heats up to 20ºF more than traditional infrared heaters. Combining two types of heating elements, we are able to achieve improved performance.

infrared heater safety features and benefits

infrared heaters feature many safety features and benefits such as

  • non-combustible heating elements
  • cool touch exterior cabinet
  • overheat and tip over sensors
  • automatic shutoff